About Khaiya

Brand Concept

KHAIYA as a fashion match brand, provides effective ways to become more beautiful on the basis of health. We are committed to bringing beauty to our customers through accessories match and related products.

The Mission of KHAIYA

Provide attractive and quality products, through our effort and persistence to bring customers a brand-new shopping experience. Under the premise of ensuring the quality, we constantly develop and launch new products, so as to meet various needs and bring perfect solutions to more customers.

Services Provided

We are an online retail store, which can display a variety of products, as well as discount activities. No matter where, we can provide you with the product and service you need.
We will also provide discount product information and detailed product description. If you have other question, welcome to contact or subscribe us, so as to get the help, the newest trend and product information.

About Team

As a popular fashion brand, KHAIYA is the leading online retailer in Asia with a dynamic and strong team. There is a completed system, can provide a variety of services including efficient logistics, product services, after-sales services. We have numbers of distribution centers worldwide and good cooperation with the regional distributors, can provide door-to-door service around the world. Our store supports different payment methods to meet the payment habits of different countries and regions, including credit card, PayPal, etc.

How to find us

Send us an email: service@khaiyastore.com, or leave a message online.