The tender white hands that you can't stop touching all the time are back!

Whether it is winter or a job that constantly washes hands, dry skin is an inevitable part of life. Fortunately, there are so many super restorative lotions now, and now the mask can restore your hands to shape-maybe more radiant and glowing than before! The beauty of luxurious dry hand masks is that they can bring spa treatments to your home, so you can conveniently multitask at home while getting hydrated hands.
Whether you want something infused with shea butter, plant extracts or fruity papaya, there are formulas that suit your skin needs. Moreover, if your skin is very sensitive, many products will be very gentle, safe and safe to use, so they will not irritate the skin. To help you repair rough skin faster, we have prepared the best hand mask for dry skin to make you glow.


The effect of hand mask

Exfoliating, moisturizing, skin rejuvenation, whitening and other effects. You can use the keratinous gel before making the hand mask, so that it will be better absorbed when you use the hand mask. It’s best not to use that kind of wax glue hand mask. It takes a long time to put it on. It hurts and takes a lot of effort when you tear it off. The most important thing is that it doesn’t add moisture. It looks white, but it actually treats you, The hair on my hands was torn off together.
Had better not use that kind of wax glue hand film, wipe go up to want to dry for a long time, tear to come very painful again, very laborious, the mainest is to still do not add moisture, looked like beautiful white, it actually strips the hairs off your hands.


How often do hand masks

Generally speaking, the hand mask can be used 1 to 2 times a week

The nutrients contained in the hand mask can penetrate deeply into the skin, effectively repair skin problems, and enhance the self-defense ability of the hand skin. Use it once or twice a week to keep the hand skin moist and smooth.
Adjust according to skin type
The specific frequency of use of the hand mask can be adjusted according to the actual condition of the hand skin. If the hand skin problem is more prominent, such as severe water shortage or even chapped hands, you can use the hand mask every day for intensive care , Wait until the skin problem is alleviated, then reduce the frequency appropriately.

Adjust according to the season

The specific frequency of use of the hand mask can also be adjusted accordingly according to the season. For the spring and autumn seasons, the skin's own metabolism is better, and there is more oil secretion. The chance of dryness and roughness on the skin is less. You can use the hand mask in moderate amounts. In the autumn and winter seasons, you can use the hand mask more frequently.
Don't do hand mask frequently
Although hand mask can make hand skin delicate and moist, excessive and frequent use of hand mask, especially if it is used every day for simple daily care, will easily cause hand skin dependence, making the skin vulnerable and damaging its original defense and repair ability.


What to pay attention to when using hand mask

Do a sensitivity test before using the hand mask

Everyone’s skin sensitivity is different, and the hand mask will also contain some chemical ingredients, so before using the hand mask, be sure to do a skin sensitivity test first. First take only a little hand mask essence and apply it on the back of the hand. After a few minutes, there is no sensitive reaction and you can use the hand mask directly. However, if any uncomfortable reaction occurs during the use of the hand mask, immediately remove the hand mask and wash your hands.

Wash your hands before using the hand mask

Our hands are always in contact with a lot of external things, so they will be stained with a lot of bacteria and dirt. If you don’t absorb it, use the hand mask directly. These bacteria and dirt will easily affect the use of the hand mask, and even the dirt may still be The nutrients in the hand mask are absorbed into the skin, so before using the hand mask, be sure to wash your hands.

Hand mask is not suitable for hand wounds

If you have traumatic wounds on your hands, you should not use hand masks, because hand masks also contain chemical components and are irritating. Using hand masks may irritate the wounds, cause pain and other discomfort symptoms, and may even aggravate the wounds. It’s difficult to heal the wound because of the condition, so don’t use hand mask if you have a wound.

Hand mask is better to use at night

The hand mask is best used at night before going to bed, especially the homemade hand mask, because the homemade hand mask may sometimes use some light-sensitive plants or fruits. If you use the homemade hand mask during the day, your hand skin will be exposed to direct sunlight after going out. It will turn black, so use the hand mask at night, and the absorption capacity of the skin will be better at night. After using the hand mask, apply hand cream and go to sleep.

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