The principle, efficacy and function of foot mask

Our feet are often particularly dry. Foot mask is a very popular and favorite skin care product. It can effectively remove dead skin on the feet and moisturize and hydrate the skin of the feet.

Principle of Foot Mask

People often see large patches of dead skin peeling off when using the foot mask. In fact, the principle is very simple. The foot mask contains salicylic acid, lactic acid, fruit acid, etc., because of the presence of these acids, after using the foot mask, the stratum corneum of the outermost layer of the skin is acidic, with a pH of about 3.5-4. The dermis layer in the skin is the normal PH value of human skin, generally 5.5-6. Therefore, when the stratum corneum and the dermis layer have different pH values, peeling will occur when they are not fused. Of course, the acidic substances in the foot mask have the effect of exfoliating, which can quickly penetrate into the stratum corneum, and peeling occurs through skin metabolism and foot friction in daily life.

The efficacy and role of foot mask

1. Get rid of dead skin on the feet
I believe everyone has heard of the effect of foot mask exfoliation. In fact, the foot mask is to soften calluses, dead skin and cutin, and accelerate cell metabolism through the acidic components such as salicylic acid, lactic acid and fruit acid contained in it. These substances can play a role in promoting the aging and shedding of the hard skin of the feet, which is what we usually call "peeling". But everyone should know, this effect is not permanent, because the stratum corneum of the human body is automatically renewed once in the metabolic cycle of 28 days, and the foot membrane just accelerates the rate of renewal. After about 28 days, the horny calluses caused by foot friction will still grow out.

2. Moisturizing and moisturizing
Maybe many people are afraid of the "strong medicine" such as peeling foot mask, so now there is also a moisturizing and maintenance-type foot mask. The moisturizing ingredients in the maintenance foot mask will nourish the skin and moisturize dry skin. However, because the skin of the feet will be dehydrated and cracked due to the thick stratum corneum, the maintenance-type foot mask also has an exfoliating effect, but it is milder and will not cause large peeling. If you have a friend whose skin is not suitable for using the acidic ingredients in the peeling foot mask, you can try this moisturizing foot mask!

3. Another part of the problem of whitening and rejuvenation is not the dead skin and dryness of the feet, but the dullness and lack of luster caused by the sun. In response to this problem, many businesses have produced foot masks with whitening and skin rejuvenation effects. This foot mask adds vitamin C, niacinamide and other whitening ingredients, so it has whitening and brightening effects, but in fact, we all know that whitening is not so simple, so when applying sunscreen, be sure to arm your feet!

Precautions for using foot mask

1. The peeling time is different
Some people reported after using the foot mask that they did not peel off after using it for a few days. This is because the foot mask does not peel off immediately after using it, and there are individual differences. Generally, peeling starts in 3-7 days, which may last for a week or Longer. So don't be impatient, just wait patiently!

2. It's best not to tear your feet
During the exfoliation of keratin, dead skin will appear, and maybe everyone can't help but tear the skin of the feet. But forcibly tearing off the skin of the feet with your hands may destroy the growing new skin and cause wounds.

3. People with wounds on their feet cannot use it
If you have recently bumped your foot or injured your foot due to squeezing your shoes, you cannot use it. Regardless of the type of wound, even if the skin is broken after a mosquito bite, you must wait for the wound to recover before using it. Because the acid in the foot membrane can cause inflammation, bleeding, and even ulceration in the wound.

4. The peeling effect varies from person to person
If someone finds no effect after using the foot mask, don't worry. The effect of using the foot mask varies from person to person. If the stratum corneum is thin, the skin on the feet is usually better protected. In fact, it is not necessary to use this product, so there will be problems that the effect is not obvious. . If the stratum corneum is a bit thick and there are some calluses, one pair can completely achieve the peeling effect, but you need to wait 2-7 days for the acidic substances in the foot membrane to take effect. If the calluses are thick and the cuticle is thick, it may take 2-3 pairs to see the effect.

5. Cannot be used to treat athlete's foot
Don't easily listen to the saying that "foot mask can treat athlete's foot" in business advertisements. Athlete's foot is a skin disease of the feet caused by fungal infections. Exfoliating dead skin cells cannot take away these fungi. On the contrary, because the stratum corneum becomes thinner and its resistance is weakened, it is easier for bacteria to invade and aggravate the condition.

Other foot care methods

1. The mask can be applied to the feet
After we finish applying the mask, there is often a lot of essence left. At this time, we can put the applied mask on the feet again, so that it will not waste and give the feet a moisturizing and maintenance foot mask.

2. Soak your feet in warm water with salt
After a day of study and work, I must be very tired when I get home. You can soak your feet in warm water at this time. This is the simplest foot care method that everyone can use. Soak your feet in warm water with salt, which can sterilize and deodorize, exfoliate and relieve fatigue. If you can, you can also try adding petals, vinegar, essential oils, etc. to warm water to maintain your feet.

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