Is this real?

1. Why the water will turn black when hitting it?
Foot Patch is to extract toxins and moisture waste from the human body through the dense acupuncture points on the soles of the feet. Because the extracted water is a watery substance, the effect is somewhat similar to that after being wetted with water.

2. Is it sweat that makes the foot patch black?
You can use the front and back sides to stick both feet. The next day you can see that the sticker on the front side turns black and oily due to the effect of the foot patch, while the sticker on the back side does not work because there is no small hole. The effect of sweating Both stickers should be wet.

3. Will the blackening of the foot patch be related to temperature?
You can stick one piece each on the sole and thigh. After 8 hours, will the foot patch at the same temperature have the same reaction? If only the sole changes at the same temperature and the other parts remain unchanged, it is not a temperature response.

What is the difference between the black of the foot patch when it encounters water and the black of the foot patch sucking out the body's moisture waste through dense acupoints? You can find the answer from the picture below.

It can be seen from the figure that the former is only a water-like substance, while the latter adsorbs human oil ions. The foot patch that absorbs moisture from the body's acupoints is dark and turbid, and people will feel much more relaxed after using it. This is the direct benefit of the foot patch.

So if the foot patch is applied overnight, you can see that it turns black and oily in the morning. This is because the foot patch plays a role in detoxification and oil removal. Is it true?

In fact, the foot patch turned black only because the Chinese herbal medicine reacted. The material of the foot patch itself is brown-black, and it will turn black when it gets wet when exposed to sweat. The reason is like the material bag used for cooking. If the material bag contains dark pepper and aniseed, wrap it with gauze and put it in water, the material bag will turn black immediately, and the color presented at this time is actually the material The color of the material in the bag. Therefore, the blackening of the foot patch as long as it is exposed to water or becomes wet is actually the color of the raw material of the foot patch.

The foot patch becomes oily and sticky because the foot patch contains bamboo vinegar powder or ginger powder, essential oils and other ingredients. When they encounter the moisture discharged from the body, they will turn into a black sticky liquid. It should be known that the possibility of human body oils and toxins being discharged from the soles of the feet and body skin through drugs is very small. Because even the smallest fat particles cannot be excreted through the skin. Therefore, if you want to put on a "foot patch" you can absorb oil. It is really a fantasy, and it is impossible to absorb toxins.

Insist on using the foot patch to keep the dampness and cold out of the body, and refuse to stay outside the hospital gate. Excessive moisture can cause many problems, such as rheumatism, sensation, wind-cold cough, dysmenorrhea, insomnia, eczema, rhinitis and so on.
Adhering to the foot patch can speed up the body's metabolism, improve endocrine disorders, improve cold hands and feet, ensure sleep, relieve tension, improve fatigue, skin and sub-health problems. On the other hand, good health will of course avoid obesity!

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