How are beautiful hands made

Hands are another face of a woman, and your hands will reveal your age and living conditions intentionally or unintentionally. With a handsome face and a pair of dry and rough hands, it is too horrible, so protecting your hands is also very important!

Our hands are inseparable from our daily life and work. Whether it is a man or a woman, our hands are inseparable from computers and mobile phones, grocery shopping, counting money, washing and cooking, hospitality and reception, etc., so we must protect our hands.

Hand washing method
Wash your hands with warm water, not too hot or too cold, and you should not wash your hands with running water for too long.
When choosing hand-washing and hand-care products, you should choose weak alkaline products.
When washing hands, gently rub palms, backs of hands, fingers, nails and other parts.
After washing, use a soft towel or paper towel to dry them without leaving water stains.

Wipe hand cream properly
Squeeze the hand cream on the palm of your hand and apply a wipe to warm the hand so that the skin on the hand can absorb the nutrients of the hand cream.
Apply hand cream to the palms and back of the hands in turn. Don't forget to apply hand cream on the edges of your nails, mouth and wrists. Try to be as comprehensive as possible and not let go of a single bit.
When applying hand cream, you can also massage your hands: alternately massage your hands, gently press each finger of the other hand with your thumb and index finger and massage from the inside out.

1. When washing your hands, pay attention to the gaps in your nails.
2. After washing your hands, trim long nails regularly.

Do hand mask twice a week
Recommend everyone a hand mask---KHAIYA Hand Mask Hydrating & Moisturizing Gloves

The main ingredients contain a variety of natural plant extracts that can quickly penetrate into the hand skin, deeply hydrate and lock water, nourish and nourish, provide moisture and balance, enhance the health and vitality of the hand skin, and make the hand skin moist, soft and elastic.

1. Clean and dry your hands.
2. Take out the hand mask and cut it along the dotted line.
3. Put your hands in the mask, wear and keep it for 20-30 minutes.
4. Remove the mask. Gently massage the hands to make the essence to be absorbed completely.
5. After washing your hands, use hand cream for daily hand maintenance.
6. The hand mask can be used 1-2 times a week.

Pay attention to hand care daily, the skin of your hands is tender and translucent, and you can show your beautiful hands all the time, making you beautiful and confident.

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