Hand Mask

Chinese name: shou mo
English name: Hand mask
Uses: Hand care

The mask contains a variety of natural plant extracts and a wealth of bio-active cellular molecules that gently dissolve old cuticles, deeply hydrate and nourish the nails from the roots, improve the defense and self-healing ability of the hands, together with natural vitamins, make the calloused / rough skin of the hands become soft, smooth, delicate, soft, white and flexible.
Some hand masks use Chinese herbal extracts as raw materials, and in addition to general moisturizing effects, they also have anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects.
Hands are a woman's second face, so hand care is very important to her. Compared to traditional hand creams, hand masks provide deep nourishment at one time and are highly effective, forming a protective film for a longer-lasting effect. It moisturizes and prevents wrinkles, replenishes rich mineral nutrients and trace elements, moisturizes and whitens the hand skin, and keeps the hand skin lubricated and soft. Improves dryness, cracks, roughness, wrinkles and uneven skin tone on the palms and back of hands.

Hand film can be divided into non-woven hand masks, cream hand film and 2-in-1 glove hand masks.
According to the function, it can be divided into 4 types: moisturizing and moisturizing, whitening and moisturizing, anti-wrinkle moisturizing and exfoliating and moisturizing.

The most important effect of hand masks is to moisturize, depending on the effectiveness of the use of different hand masks, different hand masks also such as whitening, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing nutrients, exfoliation, repair the skin and other effects. It can help improve the condition of rough skin on the hands.

The main steps are as follows:
Cleaning: Soak your hands in warm water.
Hand mask:
Non-woven hand film, can be directly attached to the back of the hand for 15-30 minutes and then removed.
Apply the creamy hand mask evenly to the entire hand and wrist, then wrap it with a plastic film or wear disposable gloves. After 20 minutes, remove the film. After soothing massage, apply hand cream immediately, and then gently massage for a while.
The two-in-one glove hand mask can be worn directly on the hand and sealed with glue. Wait 20 minutes, take off the gloves and massage the hands to help the essence be absorbed.

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