Foot mask

Foot mask

Chinese name: jiao mo
English name: foot mask, feet mask

Foot mask, originated in Japan, is a popular foot care product worldwide. It can effectively remove dead skin and calluses, with whitening, moisturizing and skin rejuvenation effects.

Peeling Foot Mask and Moisturizing Foot Mask

1. It adopts waterproof design and imported ultrasonic compound processing to ensure no water leakage.
2. The composite material is made of soft non-woven fabric and PE film, which is comfortable and convenient to use.
3. The sock-style design can make the essence fit the foot tightly.

Efficacy: The unique formula is aimed at crusty, hard horny and rough and cracked skin on the soles of the feet, accelerating cell metabolism and aging and shedding the crusty. A variety of moisturizing ingredients play the role of nourishing the skin and instantly restore your baby's tender feet.

Features: sock-style waterproof design, comfortable and convenient to use. When using, the foot mask essence will adhere closely to the skin of the feet and evenly, so you can walk around at will without affecting your work.

Preservation method
Keep away from children, avoid heat and sunlight, and store in a cool place.

Is it normal to have peeling feet?
It is good for feet with thick cuticles. Peeling caused by foot masks is a normal phenomenon. There are many kinds of foot masks on the market that have the effect of exfoliating. The cutin removed is old cutin. If it is not removed, calluses will always form on the feet, so foot masks are needed. External force is removed. For feet with thinner stratum corneum, you only need to use moisturizing foot masks, which will not cause your feet to peel off.

Can you use the foot mask as a hand mask?
Yes, You can use it as a hand mask. The foot mask is very similar to the hand mask, both of which care for the skin. However, there will be some differences in size and shape, and it may be inconvenient to use the foot mask as a hand mask. Both have a moisturizing effect on the skin. Peeling foot mask will also have the effect of exfoliating dead skin and exfoliating. The cuticle on the feet is thicker than the hands, so choose carefully when using it on your hands. Choose a mild type that will not hurt your hands.

How often do you use the foot mask
1. Peeling foot mask is an artificial peeling product, peeling can be done at most once a month. This is because the main components of the peeling foot mask are corrosive acids such as salicylic acid, lactic acid and fruit acid, and the concentration is relatively high to achieve the peeling effect. Long-term and frequent use will corrode the skin and cause damage to the skin of the feet. Therefore, it should be noted that any artificial peeling product must be built on the basis of not destroying the skin barrier membrane before it can be used.

2.Maintenance foot film can be used three times a week. Perhaps some friends have noticed that besides the peeling foot mask, there is also the maintenance of the foot mask. The maintenance type foot mask is like a facial mask. Its main functions are soothing and moisturizing, whitening and brightening, and moisturizing the skin. However, because the stratum corneum of the foot is thick, it will have a little exfoliating effect. This maintenance-type foot mask can be used according to your own needs. Generally, it can be used once in 2-3 days, and the use time should not exceed 30 minutes, but it is not recommended to use it every day.

How to use the foot mask
1. Wash your feet and dry them;
2. Take out the foot membrane and cut the opening of the foot membrane to fit the width of the foot;
3. Put your feet in for half an hour, then wash your feet;
4. Apply a moisturizing foot cream to your feet.

Discontinue use if you have athlete's foot or skin irritation, redness, itching or inflammation.
Do not use if you have allergic or sensitive skin, are breastfeeding or pregnant.
Do not use it, if you have skin problems.

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