Face-lifting needle (a type of cosmetic surgery)

Face-lifting needle is type A botulinum toxin injection, which mainly acts on muscle tissue. Because it is commonly used to solve masseter hypertrophy, it is called face-lifting needle. The professional name of the face-lifting needle is botulinum toxin. It is a biological product that can be mass-produced through genetic engineering. Because of its nerve blocking effect, it is very commonly used in neurology, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, and cosmetic surgery.
Face-lifting needle is essentially the use of botulinum toxin injection to treat masseter hypertrophy. Botulinum toxin injection can atrophy and shrink the masseter muscle through denervation and make the treatment more thorough.
The effect of face-lifting needles is not 100%. A small number of people will develop antibodies against botulinum after a few injections, making subsequent injections ineffective. Because of chewing habits, there will still be slight asymmetry on both sides after injection. A small number of people may not be sensitive to the drug and the effect is not obvious, so you should return to the clinic after 2 weeks. It is recoverable after injection of botulinum toxin, which means that after 3 to 6 months, another injection is needed to maintain the effect.

Principle of face-lift
The face-lifting needle acts on the end of the cholinergic motor nerve to antagonize the effect of calcium ions in some way, interfere with the release of acetylcholine from the motor nerve end, and make the muscle fibers unable to contract. It continuously blocks the transmission of nerve excitement, and there is no excitability and conduction damage to nerves and muscles. This is called chemical denervation in medicine. It is precisely this principle of the face-lifting needle that non-surgical medical aesthetics doctors use it to inject the masseter muscle to face-lift, to solve the problem of excessive lower face caused by masseter hypertrophy.

Face-lifting effect
Plastic surgery experts pointed out that Botox face-lifting mainly targets masseter hypertrophy. The principle of face-lifting. After the face-lifting injection, the nerve impulse of the nerves and muscles is blocked after the injection, which relaxes the over-contracted muscles and paralyzes the over-developed muscles to achieve the effect of thinning the face. The best effect of injection is generally about 1 month. . The face-lifting needle is not like traditional surgery. It does not require surgery or medication. It only uses a small needle to inject the appropriate amount of biological agents into the chewing muscles, and the purpose of face-lifting can be achieved in a very short time!

Before injection
1. It is a highly toxic drug, and it is a medical behavior to treat diseases and wrinkle
, By no means a commercial beauty salon project. The operator must be a trained doctor and must not misuse or abuse. The beauty clinic must be a medical institution approved by the state.
2. Regular Botox is more expensive and has cost control, so the price is too low to be trusted.
3. The patient stopped using aspirin and aspirin drugs 14 days before the injection.
4. Stop using cosmetics on the day of injection.
After injection
1. It is also necessary to predict that the skin at the injection site will be slightly red and swollen, which will generally subside within a few hours. A few people will have slight congestion at the injection site, but it will disappear quickly.
2. It is best not to lie down within 4 hours to 6 hours to prevent the botulinum from spreading.
3. Within 6 hours, it is not advisable to wash your face, do not put on makeup, do not be curious or touch the injection site, or exercise.
4. A professional doctor will ask you to review it in one week.
5. Do not massage the part after injection, as vaccine toxins will spread.
6. Facial massage, hot compress and rubbing are prohibited within one month after injection.
7. Avoid eating hard-shelled foods after injection; fasting spicy and seafood foods, avoid tobacco and alcohol within a week.
8. There may be chewing weakness and soreness in the early stage.
9. Because of chewing habits, there will still be slight asymmetry on both sides after injection.
10. A small number of people may not be sensitive to the drug and the effect is not obvious, so you should return to the clinic after 2 weeks.
11. Botox is recoverable after face-lifting, which means that it needs to be injected again in theory to maintain the effect after six months. Clinically, it has been found that some people do not need to inject again to maintain the effect after two to three injections, which means that it has a long-term effect on the Chinese character face. The reason is that during the curative effect of Botox, the human body cannot overuse the masticatory muscles. If it can get rid of the habit of overusing the masticatory muscles, after the curative effect of Botox, the masticatory muscles after weight loss will not become hypertrophy and proliferation.
12. Do not stay up late for a week after the injection.

side effect
Patients with obvious reactions after face-lift needle injection will have local swelling and fever. Experts point out that this is a normal phenomenon of face-lift needle botulinum toxin injection.
People with myasthenia gravis, people with neuromuscular diseases, allergies, people who are pregnant or breastfeeding are not allowed to undergo face-lift surgery.
The price is expensive, a needle generally ranges from 2000 to 7000 yuan.

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