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Face-lifting mask, special face-lifting. Whether you have a fleshy face, large masseter muscles, double chin, it can help you solve it easily! It does not rely on the lifting of the facial mask to thin the face, but stimulates multiple acupoints on the face through the principle of transdermal absorption, increases cell vitality, dredges microcirculation, accelerates facial tissue metabolism, lifts and tightens the skin, does not rebound in health, does not have allergies, and no The side effect is the most popular fashion face-lifting artifact. The so-called one white cover one hundred ugliness, the big face ruined everything. Are you still worrying about your big face? Come and get this mask!

The principle of face-lifting mask
The principle of a face-lifting mask is to reduce the volume of fat cells through the pressure of the face mask and drain excess water from the cells, thereby achieving the effect of face-lifting. Stimulate the skin's own production of collagen and elastin to make the collagen plump, thereby enhancing the firming of facial contours. Wearing a face-lifting mask for a long time has a certain effect on eliminating some edema.

The ear-hanging v-face mask applies the high-efficiency essence to the position of the jaw, and uses pressure to pour the essence into the skin to accelerate the blood circulation of the face and achieve the effect of reducing swelling.
The ear-hanging v-face mask is to tighten the skin. It is not a true face-lifting and cellulite removal. The bones of the face itself cannot be changed, so girls with large skeletons cannot become small faces through this mask.

Core function
1. Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle. Has a good conditioning effect on the skin
2. Make the skin soft, elastic and anti-oxidant. Also has anti-inflammatory effect
3. Moisturizing and stability. Has a moisturizing and calming effect on the skin
4. Prevent wrinkles and resist skin aging
5. Significantly shrink the masseter muscle, return to the small face, while reducing wrinkles
6. Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, with oxygen free radical scavenging ability, anti-oxidation
7. Anti-oxidant performance and skin-activating anti-aging effect
8. Increase skin elasticity, make skin young and full of vitality

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