Be careful! ! ! Moisture is the devil that affects health!

Ladies and gentlemen,
How are you!

There is a kind of tiredness, it is that no matter how you sleep, you never feel full.
There is a kind of fat, you obviously eat less, but still fat.
There is a kind of ugliness, it is every day that the face shines, like a yellow-faced woman.
There is a kind of cold, which is frozen into ice in the autumn and winter.
Friends with the above phenomena, pay attention! ! This is a sign of heavy humidity.

In Chinese, nine out of ten women have moisture. Moisture not only endangers our health, but also makes our faces oily and yellow, acne, bad mouth, fat...
Although you can't see it, others can see the acne on your face, the fat on your waist, and the breath in your mouth! !

Some people are serious about losing weight, but never see the weight loss. In fact, it is all caused by moisture.

Many people don’t understand that moisture is invisible and intangible. Is it really necessary to get rid of dampness?

Whether it is due to health concerns or considerations of appearance, moisture must be removed! But what is most effective?

There are many ways to get rid of dampness, and many people may choose cupping, acupuncture, scraping..

You shouldn't be cruel to yourself just to get rid of dampness! ! In fact, as long as you put a foot patch on the soles of your feet before going to bed, you can easily get rid of moisture.

Moreover, you can judge whether the moisture in your body is heavy or not through the color of the foot patch after tearing off.
No pain or itching, easy to operate!

Why choose foot patch?
It is most effective to remove dampness from the feet. Just a stick on the foot can get rid of moisture, no pain and time consuming.
Moreover, the meridians of the feet are complicated, connecting the internal organs, so the feet must be protected first!
At the same time, because the feet are connected to the meridians of the entire human body, dredging the acupoints on the soles of the feet is the most effective method of dehumidification, which is recorded in many ancient medical techniques.
The essence of the foot patch penetrates into the acupuncture points, participates in the body's circulation through the sole meridian, and absorbs toxins from the body in the process.
To put it bluntly, this foot patch is like a damp-removing and cold-eliminating machine on your body, which sucks out the cold air, wet oil and waste fluid from the body.

Stick to daily use, the oil output will gradually decrease, and the color of the foot patch will become lighter and lighter. Generally, all the moisture can be absorbed in 30 days!

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