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A man has feet as a tree has roots; the roots of a tree are exhausted first, and the feet of a man grow old. Since ancient times, famous doctors and saints in Chinese and foreign history have used holographic medicine to treat diseases from the soles of the feet.
During the Spring and Autumn and Warring States period, Bianque, a medical sage, was proficient in plantar therapy and stimulated the soles of the feet to save the prince of Guoguo who was "dead" for three days; the genius doctor Hua Tuo of the Eastern Han Dynasty compiled the "Hua Tuo Secret Foot Heart Path", which healed the whole body from the sole of the foot Illness saves lives in every second, and cures the disease in between.

The positioning of the various organs of the human body on the soles is the reflection area of these organs on the soles. The positive reaction of the physiological changes and pathological changes in the reflex zone is the special treatment point for curing diseases, also known as the life password of the soles.
Foot patch, sticking to the soles of the feet can dehumidify and detoxify. Long-term persistence to improve your sub-health state and eliminate bad symptoms.

Moisture is a theoretical concept of Chinese medicine.
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the humid climate and eating meat in nature are the sources of moisture, and excessive dampness can easily damage yang. It is believed that moisture can be adjusted through diet and daily life. Among the "six evils" of wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness, and fire that cause illness, Chinese medicine is most afraid of dampness. There is an old saying that a thousand colds are easy to get rid of and one wet is hard to get rid of. Modern Chinese medicine believes that moisture can cause and worsen many diseases. Due to the intemperate diet of modern people, heating in winter and air conditioning in summer, 9 of all ten people have moisture. Humidity is very concealed to harm people, but the consequences are serious. Modern medicine believes that moisture can cause high blood pressure, obesity, coronary heart disease, tumors, and cause spots and acne on girls' faces. More than 40 diseases are all related to moisture.

In the Ming Dynasty there was a secret book "Compendium of Materia Medica" recorded a secret recipe for dehumidification
One type is wormwood, which helps Yang and solid gas. The second category is bamboo vinegar detoxification and dehumidification. There is also aloe vera. Usually after 32 days of using the foot patch, the moisture in the body will be eliminated, the stool will become smooth and formed, the jaggedness of the tongue will disappear, and the whole person will become energetic. The foot patch stimulates acupuncture points on the sole of the foot through the medicine package, promotes blood circulation, enhances the body's own metabolism and excretion, in order to achieve the purpose of detoxification and dehumidification. So, many people have a question, is the blackening of the foot patch really detox?
There are also many people who say that when water is applied to the foot patch, it will turn black and become oily.
The foot patch sucks out the body's toxins and moisture waste through the dense acupuncture points on the soles of the feet. Because the sucked out is watery, the effect is somewhat similar to that after being wetted with water.

Why is the foot patch very dark and oily
Generally, the use of foot patch will turn black and oil, which is a physical phenomenon, which is the reaction of foot powder and foot sweat. The oil on the sole of the foot stick is actually a substance called bamboo vinegar. When the foot stick and the sole of the foot are closely pasted for a long time, it will become black and oily. It is also an important ingredient in the foot stick, containing more than 200 A variety of natural organic ingredients and minerals are even known as the "water of life" in Japan. If you don’t have this greasy appearance after applying it, it means that your foot patch is not in place this time, detox and remove dampness. The effect is not so good.
After the foot patch is applied, blackening is normal. If there is no blackening, it means that the foot patch does not fit the skin tightly. Either the feet are not sweating.

How the foot patch works
The foot patch is to stimulate the acupoints on the sole of the foot through the medicine package, dredge the meridians, promote blood circulation, enhance excretion and body metabolism to detoxify.

The role of the foot patch mainly depends on its ingredients. In addition to the main functional ingredients in the foot patch, such as wormwood and ginger, bamboo vinegar is also particularly important, including "acetic acid", "phenolic compounds" and "alcohol". It has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, deodorant and beauty effects. Its permeability can help nutrients penetrate deep into the skin, thereby helping the body better achieve a self-detoxification effect, and can also enhance the dampness and detoxification function of the foot patch.
The ginger extract and grape seeds in the foot patch further stimulate the surrounding area of ​​Yongquan point on the basis of the penetration of bamboo vinegar, enter the deep cells of the body, stimulate the parasympathetic nerve of the body's autonomic nerves, make the body relax, promote metabolism, and eliminate fatigue , Improve the condition of cold limbs.

The effect of the foot patch is not necessarily reflected in the blackening, but through absorption and stimulation of the plantar reflex area, assisting the body's own excretion function enhancement, detoxification and dehumidification through normal channels. Scientifically speaking, more than 90% of human waste is excreted by itself.
Before using the foot patch, soak your feet in warm water. Promote the expansion of capillaries on the soles of the feet, so that the soles of the feet can absorb the active ingredients in the foot patch more easily and faster.

I often see some foot patch users who put the foot patch wherever they feel uncomfortable. This is wrong. There are fat in many parts of the body, and the foot patch essence cannot penetrate at all. Even if it penetrates into the skin, it is not ideal. The curative effect and the function of the foot patch are at the intersection of blood vessels, which is known as acupuncture points, but not all parts of the human body have acupuncture points. There are 365 orthodox acupuncture points. In the whole body, later generations discovered a total of more than 700 acupuncture points and single acupuncture points, and many acupoints are not effective acupuncture points, many are just nerve lines, even if they touch acupuncture points, the function of each acupuncture point is different, just like you It is pasted on the hand, but the acupoints of the lung meridian or the large intestine meridian are pasted. Your hand hurts originally, but the foot patch is treating the lungs and large intestine through the acupoints, so this is completely unsatisfactory. This is why the foot patch should be attached to the sole of the foot. The place with the most acupuncture points on the body is on the sole of the foot. There are about 70, which is also the place where the blood crosses the most. In addition, the skin is thin and easy to absorb. Sole.
After using the foot patch, the powder in the bag will suck out waste oil, waste liquid and other toxins and turn it into an oily sticky shape; as the number of times the foot patch is used, the toxins are gradually discharged from the body, and the color of the patch bag gradually becomes lighter to no change. After 8 hours or when you get up the next morning, take it off and wipe it off with a paper towel or rinse your skin with water.

Who can use the foot patch?
1. People with poor sleep quality, work and study pressure, light sleep, easy to wake up, anxiety, irritability, arthritis symptoms of this type of people will have very poor sleep quality, and the foot patch can improve sleep.
2. People who stand, walk, and sit for a long time, stand or walk for a long time, and cause pain on one or both sides of the heel, not redness or swelling, and heel pain that is very inconvenient to walk, because the foot patch can relieve fatigue and quickly Reduce pressure on the soles and joints.
3. There are many people with poor skin and acne toxins. Many acne on the face are caused by endocrine disorders. The foot patch has the effect of detoxification and beauty, and promotes metabolism. It is particularly good for endocrine disorders.
4. People with constipation, bad breath, body odor, and foot odor are caused by the accumulation of too much toxins in the body, and too much moisture will cause constipation, bad breath, body odor, and foot odor. Putting on the foot patch can eliminate bad breath, body odor and foot odor in a short time.
Who can not use the foot patch?
Prohibited for pregnant women, do not use for children under three years of age if they are not sick, do not use for high-risk patients, do not use for wounds, use with caution for heart diseases, stents are prohibited, women are in menstruation, if menstruation is particularly heavy, it is recommended not Use because the foot patch is to promote blood circulation and dredge the meridians. Patients with cerebral hemorrhage and stroke should not use foot patches within six months. Patients with thrombosis should not use it within three months, and the foot patch should not be applied within six months after the operation.

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