A myth created by Chinese medicine--detox foot patch!!!

A man has feet as a tree has roots; the roots of a tree are exhausted first, and the feet of a man grow old. Since ancient times, famous doctors and saints in Chinese and foreign history have used holographic medicine to treat diseases from the soles of the feet.
During the Spring and Autumn and Warring States period, Bianque, a medical sage, was proficient in plantar therapy and stimulated the soles of the feet to save the prince of Guoguo who was "dead" for three days; the genius doctor Hua Tuo of the Eastern Han Dynasty compiled the "Hua Tuo Secret Foot Heart Path", which healed the whole body from the sole of the foot Illness saves lives in every second, and cures the disease in between.

The mechanism of action of the foot patch
The positioning of the various organs of the human body on the soles is the reflection area of these organs on the soles. The positive reaction of the physiological changes and pathological changes in the reflex zone is the special treatment point for curing diseases, also known as the life password of the soles.
Foot patch, sticking to the soles of the feet can dehumidify and detoxify. Long-term persistence to improve your sub-health state and eliminate bad symptoms.
The foot patch stimulates acupuncture points on the sole of the foot through a medicine bag, clears the meridians, promotes blood circulation, enhances excretion and metabolism of the body and detoxifies.

Six functions
1. Detoxification beauty, clean body and beauty, promote metabolism, enhance immune function;
2. Promote sleep, relieve fatigue, improve constipation, bad breath and bloating, and shape the body;
3. Remove body impurities, purify blood, improve stains, acne, body odor, foot odor;
4. Eliminate excess moisture in the body, and quickly reduce the pressure on the soles or joints;
5. Activate cells, the skin regains a healthy and radiant state, and delays aging;
6. Balance the functions of human organs, blood lipids, blood pressure, blood sugar gradually return to normal.

Suitable for
- People who love beauty and slim
- People who have health problem, for example constipation, halitosis, body odor
- Semi-healthy people
- People who use computer for long time
- People who have big working pressure
- People who stand or work for long time
- People who is suffering neck, shoulder, waist pain
- People whose leg is painful and swelling

1. Different personal physique, the length of the visible effect is different.
2. Pure natural ingredients, safe, healthy, breathable. hypoallergenic, but not all people.
3. When there are some cases where the patch is not firm, you can use medical tape to assist.
4. In addition to the sole of the foot, it can also be attached to the knee, shoulder, waist and other positions.
5. It is better to wear a sock after the patch, so that the foot patch will not slide.
6. The foot patch powder will change color when it encounters water. After the foot patch is applied to the sole of the foot, it will change color due to sweating on the sole of the foot. The foot patch does not suck out oil during use.
7. Foot patch is just a general health care product, not a medicine, and cannot cure a disease.
8.It is unfavorable for some patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, epilepsy patients, pregnant women, infants and children and people with allergies, so the above groups are prohibited to use.
9.Only for external use, please do not take orally.

Analysis of detoxification effect
1. Why does the water turn black when it hits? The foot patch sucks out the body's toxins and moisture waste through the dense acupuncture points on the soles of the feet. Because the sucked out is the water, it is the effect of getting wet with water. Somewhat similar.
2. Some people think that it is the change caused by the sweat of the soles of the feet. You can stick two feet with front and back, the next day, the sticker on the front side changes color and oil due to the effect of the foot pad, and the sticker on the back side, because there are no small holes, the foot pads will not work or change. If it is caused by sweat, both stickers should be wet.
3. If you think it is a change in temperature, you can stick one piece on the sole of the foot and then stick another piece on the thigh to see if the same reaction occurs on the body at the same temperature. If only the sole of the foot changes at the same temperature and the other places remain unchanged It is not a response to temperature.

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